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Chaolin Product CenterMultiple categories of second layer cowhide meet your different usage needs in different scenarios

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Ordinary top layer cowhide
Ordinary top layer cowhide

The cephalic layer of cowhide is the epithelium of a cow's body, which has primitive skin characteristics on its surface and is composed of a fibrous layer resembling villi and a slightly loose transitional layer closely connected to the fibrous layer. The pores and skin texture of the top layer cowhide are clear, and it is widely used in the manufacturing of various leather products.

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Antibacterial and antiviral two-layer cowhide
Antibacterial and antiviral two-layer cowhide

Ultrafine fiber synthetic leather, also known as two-layer transfer leather, also known as split layer transfer leather, cowhide two-layer leather, two-layer leather, transfer leather, transfer leather, split layer transfer leather, split layer leather, coated cowhide, double layer cowhide, and double layer composite cowhide. It has advantages such as high tear strength, tensile strength, good folding resistance, good cold resistance, good resistance to mold, thick and plump finished products, good simulation, and low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content

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Antibacterial and antiviral microfiber
Antibacterial and antiviral microfiber

The actual appearance of antibacterial and antiviral microfiber leather is most similar to that of cowhide; The uniformity of thickness, tear resistance, color brilliance, and leather surface utilization of its products are better than those of pure natural leather products, and have already become the direction of the development trend of PVC artificial leather today. Excellent characteristics, non-toxic environmental protection, and high usage rate.

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Customized on demand, rich and diverseDifferent types, materials, colors, and specifications are displayed to meet different usage needs


Durable and durableArtificial leather produced with high standard raw materials and exquisite technology is environmentally friendly

Visual Feast1 million pattern styles, with a variety of patterns and colors to choose from

Authorized ProtectionStrict craftsmanship, protecting customer brand patents, and shaping customer market unique competitiveness

Customizing with samplesTraceable customer sample quality production and on-demand improvement, fast production

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Strict quality control and enthusiastic service A leather company focused on high-quality production and sales, with a wide range of product applications in the industry
It integrates production, sales and processing

We are a manufacturer specializing in leather production and research and development, with a comprehensive quality assurance system and testing methods. We keep up with market demand and continuously introduce new products for use in various industries and application fields.

Focusing on product development and innovation

Our company's technical personnel have over 10 years of experience in the leather industry, adhering to the work attitude of "customer first, daring to innovate" to manufacture high-quality products

Provide high-quality after-sales and technical services

The company integrates production, sales, and technical consulting, focusing on product research and innovation. We provide 24-hour after-sales service and regularly provide technical training for your company's equipment maintenance personnel


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